Scalable Lifespan

I was reading The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In Chapter 10, he uses lifespan as an example of something that is not scalable. The older you get, the shorter your remaining lifespan is.

It occurred to me that the quest for life extension technologies aims to make lifespan scalable. In short: The longer you live, the more life you have left.

Scalable Lifespan is the dream of every person who has believed that they belong to the first generation that would not die. They believed that if they lived long enough, they could live to see a new technology that could extend their life a finite but significant amount. That new extension would allow them to live to use the next technique, ad infinitum. And so they would skip from one life extension technology to the next, evading death indefinitely.

I am not smart enough to know whether I will be a part of the first generation who will not die. I only hope that I am. Immortality is something I want very badly.