Next Phase of Commercials

Kevin Kelly:

All this suggests that the "natural habitat" of a commercial is on the internet. That's where it is born, develops, matures and dies. Its brief, mayfly-length appearance on the Superbowl is primarily an ad to get you to watch it grow on the internet.

The internet will be where most social meaning occurs. A party may be attended by one hundred people for three hours. That makes three hundred person-hours of attention during which the "meaning" of the party was developed.

But then people upload photos and discuss the party online. The number of people involved in the social meaning of the party is multiplied, and the number of hours put in by the people participating online is unlimited. Many thousands of hours can be channeled into the meaning of the party--much more than the attendees of the party could do during the party.

The phenomenon we are witnessing is that most social meaning will be created on the internet. Everything of consequence to the human experience is being channeled onto the internet where it can live a longer, healthier life. And, of course, people will (and already do) exploit this for profit.